HP DV5-1260ER Laptop Battery
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HP DV5-1260ER Laptop Battery

Laptop Battery for HP DV5-1260ER

Voltage: DC 10.8V

Capacity: 4400mAh

Chemistry: Li-ion

Item#: 3362-137777

UL Certified - Highest Safety Standard
1 Year Warranty

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Thank you for visiting our website. b2cdigi.com is committed to offer high-quality and low-cost HP DV5-1260ER Laptop Battery and Parts. Our primary mission is your satisfaction with our products and services.

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  5. Manufactured of High Quality Long Life Battery Cells
  6. 1-Year manufacturer's warranty

BEWARE OF CHEAP Laptop Battery!!!

6 Cell, Not compatible with HP Compaq Pavilion DV6000 Series

Output Voltage: 10.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh
Chemistry: Li-ion
Color: Black
Weight: 369.1g
Length: 218.40 x 60.55 x 42.7mm

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Package include

1. HP DV5-1260ER Laptop Battery * 1

Replace HP Part#:

  • HP
    462889-121 462889-421 462889-761
    462890-151 462890-161 462890-251
    462890-541 462890-751 462890-761
    482186-003 484170-001 484170-002
    484171-001 485041-001 485041-003
    487296-001 487354-001 497694-001
    498482-001 EV06055 HSTNN-C51C

Replacement HP Model#:

  • HP
    DV5-1211AX DV5-1211EM DV5-1211TX
    DV5-1212AX DV5-1212EM DV5-1212TX
    DV5-1213EM DV5-1213TX DV5-1214TX
    DV5-1215CA DV5-1215EE DV5-1215EF
    DV5-1215EM DV5-1215TX DV5-1216TX
    DV5-1217TX DV5-1218TX DV5-1219TX
    DV5-1220EG DV5-1220ET DV5-1220EW
    DV5-1220EZ DV5-1220TX DV5-1221ER
    DV5-1221TX DV5-1222TX DV5-1223TX
    DV5-1224TX DV5-1225CA DV5-1225EE
    DV5-1225TX DV5-1226TX DV5-1227CA
    DV5-1227TX DV5-1228TX DV5-1229TX
    DV5-1230EG DV5-1230EN DV5-1230ES
    DV5-1230ET DV5-1230EW DV5-1230TX
    DV5-1231TX DV5-1232TX DV5-1233SE
    DV5-1235DX DV5-1235EE DV5-1240ET
    DV5-1240EW DV5-1250EG  

It is not possible for us to collect and post all the model numbers at one time. If you don't see your model number listed here, please check your original OEM part number with our posting or mail us.

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*New HP DV5-1260ER Battery Pack must be fully charged before use.
*Fully charge and discharge battery up to 4 cycles before achieving full capacity of a new HP DV5-1260ER Battery.
*Run the device under the battery's power until it shuts down or until you get a low battery warning. Then recharge the battery as instructed in the user's manual.
*Fully drain and fully recharged your battery pack every two to three weeks for laptop battery conditions.
*Remove from the device and stored in a cool, dry, clean place if the battery will not be in use for a month or longer.
*Ensure maximum performance of the battery by optimizing the device's power management features. Refer to the manual for further instructions.
*Keep battery away from fire or other sources of extreme heat. Do not incinerate. Exposure of battery to extreme heat may result in an explosion.


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