Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3GK Battery Charger, Lumix DMC-GF3GK Charger
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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3GK Battery Charger

Battery Charger for Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3GK

Voltage: 100-240V

Brand: Panasonic

Replacement for: DMW-BLE9, DMW-BLE9E, DMW-BLE9GK, DMW-BLE9PP

Item#: 3383-144720

UL Certified - Highest Safety Standard
1 Year Warranty

Please make sure the DC output voltage is accordant. Contact us if you have any questions.

SRP: $39.96
OFF SRP: 40%
Our Price: $23.98
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Price $19.98
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  1. Package includes High Performance Turbo Charger, AC Power Adapter and 12.00V Car Cord
  2. Turbo Charger must be used with our AC Adapter or our Car Cord
  3. Designed to charge batteries quickly and safely
  4. Convenient LEDs indicate the charging status

BEWARE OF CHEAP Battery Charger!!!

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Package include

1. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3GK Battery Charger * 1

Replace Panasonic Part#:


Replacement Panasonic Model#:

    Lumix DMC-GF3 Lumix DMC-GF3C Lumix DMC-GF3CEF-R
    Lumix DMC-GF3CGK Lumix DMC-GF3CR Lumix DMC-GF3CT
    Lumix DMC-GF3CW Lumix DMC-GF3GK Lumix DMC-GF3K
    Lumix DMC-GF3KGK Lumix DMC-GF3KK Lumix DMC-GF3KR
    Lumix DMC-GF3KT Lumix DMC-GF3KW Lumix DMC-GF3P
    Lumix DMC-GF3R Lumix DMC-GF3T Lumix DMC-GF3W
    Lumix DMC-GF3WEF-K Lumix DMC-GF3WGK Lumix DMC-GF3WK
    Lumix DMC-GF3WP Lumix DMC-GF3WT Lumix DMC-GF3WW
    Lumix DMC-GF3XGK Lumix DMC-GF3XK Lumix DMC-GF3XP
    Lumix DMC-GF3XR Lumix DMC-GF3XT Lumix DMC-GF3XW
    Lumix DMC-GF5 Lumix DMC-GF5C Lumix DMC-GF5GK
    Lumix DMC-GF5K Lumix DMC-GF5KK Lumix DMC-GF5KR
    Lumix DMC-GF5KW Lumix DMC-GF5N Lumix DMC-GF5R
    Lumix DMC-GF5T Lumix DMC-GF5W Lumix DMC-GF5WK
    Lumix DMC-GF5WN Lumix DMC-GF5WT Lumix DMC-GF5WW
    Lumix DMC-GF5X Lumix DMC-GF5XK Lumix DMC-GF5XR
    Lumix DMC-GF5XT Lumix DMC-GF5XW  


* Over-charge protection
* Over-discharge protection
* Over-heat protection
* Over-current protection
* Short-circuit protection
* High capacity circulatory function
* Low Power Consumption IC Design
* No Memory Effect
* High Charge current
* Controller IC monitors each cell voltage and prevents the cells to overcharge or over discharge and prevent over current
* The wire connected to the protection board and cell is Telfon wire (200 Celcius 300V)
* Use temperature protection NTC. Use insulation paper to isolate electrodes. Use fire protection glue paper and silica gel for safety features.

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